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Pharmacological properties of the
Buy proviron has a local haemostatic and antiseptic effect, it stimulates the regeneration of tissues. Left in the wound cavity or sponge is fully resorbed. When contacting the buy proviron collagen sponge with a bleeding surface is adhesion and aggregation of platelets, which leads to a rapid stop capillary-parenchymal bleeding.Collagen undergoes biodegradation – gradual resorption in the body for 3-6 weeks, which allows you to leave the material in place without the use of subsequent removal. Biodegradation Products (lysis) collagen stimulate the process of wound repair, accelerating wound healing. Contained in the sponge boric acid and nitrofurazone have antiseptic and antimicrobial action.

Indications for use
as a buy proviron agent in the capillary and parenchymatous bleeding from:
dural venous sinuses;
medullary canal;
alveolar wells after tooth extraction;
parenchymal organs (especially after liver resection);
gallbladder bed after cholecystectomy.

Increased individual sensitivity to the buy proviron. Intolerance to buy provirons nitrofuran series (nitrofurazone, furazidin, nitrofurantoin, furazolidone, nifuratel, nifuroxazide).Arterial bleeding. Festering wounds, pyoderma.

Pregnancy and lactation
contraindicated for use during pregnancy and lactation is not revealed.

Dosage and administration :
sponge is removed from the packaging immediately before use aseptically. Impose on the bleeding site, and is pressed against it for 1-2 minutes or tightly tamponiruyut bleeding surface, followed by bandaging. After soaking sponge the blood adheres to the bleeding surface. To close the damaged areas of parenchymal organs (liver) or gallbladder bed after cholecystectomy, the sponge is placed in the damaged cavity. If the bleeding has not stopped, it is possible to put a second layer of sponge. After stopping bleeding sponge fixed U-shaped seam. Further maintenance operations carried out in accordance with accepted procedures. To stop bleeding from vascular suture bleeding place close sponge. After stopping the bleeding sponge is not removed, since then it is completely absorbed. The size and number of sponges used is selected according to the size or volume of the bleeding surface cavity.

Side effects
are possible allergic reactions.

Cases of overdose have not been described.

Interaction with other buy provirons :
buy proviron sponge effect is enhanced if it is further dampen the thrombin solution.

Product form :

Product form:

the size of the sponge (50 ± 5) x (50 ± 5) mm 1 pc. and (90 ± 10) x (90 ± 10) mm 1 pc. packed tightly in a two-layer packages of polyethylene film, or in containers made ​​of PVC film and aluminum foil with a heat seal coating or film: a polymer, “Poliform”, “Plastiplen” and laminated paper, or only from the v films: polymer, “Poliform” “Plastiplen”.
The sponge diameter (11 ± 1) mm, 10, 20, 30 pcs. packed in blisters of. PVC and aluminum foil coated with a heat sealable film.
blisters or dual-layer package from; polyethylene film or the container together with instructions for use placed in a stack of cardboard.
For health care institutions of the two-layer film plastic bags or containers of 10, 20, 30 pcs. together with instructions for use in an amount equal to the number of primary packages, is placed in a cardboard box multipacks.

Storage conditions :
in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 10 to 30 ° C.
Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf life :
5 years. Do not use after the expiration date printed on the package.

Conditions of supply of pharmacies :
without prescription.

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